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YogaWay is based on yoga as a sustainable & resilient way of life in each and every moment in each and every way!

Angie is based in Co. Wicklow and is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with her natural  surroundings.

Angie runs retreats from her home and enjoys encouraging life skills such as the practice of permaculture, holistic therapies, nutrition & the joy of food education.

Here are some of the retreat themes:

-Introduction to Permaculture as a whole system with focus on Yoga & Nutrition

-Food Foraging: Learning about wild foods & how we can use them in the kitchen

-Gardening for Complete Beginners

-Food Education: Learning how to prepare simple healthy tasty meals, acid/alkaline diet, Food combining, juicing, fermenting, Superfoods.

-Laughter Yoga

-Mindfulness & Meditation


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