Clown Yoga-Weekend Retreat


23rd & 24th July, 2016

Come join us for a Weekend Retreat on the enchanting grounds of 'An Sanctoir' West Cork,Ireland

This weekend retreat will be offering an exciting & fun mix of practices and experiences. We will be exploring Clown, Yoga ,Tai Chi , Dance, Play, Nature Connection, Deep rest, grounding tools, meditation. It will be a fine balance of rest & play. We will also be allowing time to connect with the beautiful and enchanting 30 acre Nature reserve.

“If the fool where to persist in his folly, he would become wise” –William Blake

“The clown is allowing himself to be vulnerable, to become truly naked to the present, to become empty. Then openness, an unstained perception can be created, a veil is lifted to the real of innocence and wonder in all”


An Sanctoir is West Cork’s very own Holistic Community Centre and is home to a variety of weekly classes, weekend workshops, performances, rituals and celebrations. It is a beautiful light filled octagonal practice space with wooden floors and underfloor heating, set within a 30 acre nature reserve, just outside the coastal village of Ballydehob.

Accommodation is camping on magical but for those who would rather a bed there is a B&B on the land.

Sam Myler

Sam will be leading us on a journey into Clown and practices of deep rest.

Sam's Workshops

Introduction to the Clown: The Pleasure of the Red Nose

In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of clowning: the pleasure of play, the notion of presence and the relationship between the actor and the public. We will work with the smallest mask in the world, the clown nose. This red nose is a powerful tool to uncover our own unique human being, encouraging us to rediscover the simplicity of “being present” on stage, alert and receptive to those around us.

Deep Rest Vibrations

A space of gentle rest, where we can sink deep into the luxury of our bodies.

A lying down guided meditation, inspired from the Tibetan practices of Tonglen (giving and receiving) and the yogic practice of Savasana.

About Sam

From a young age he discovered juggling and clown. After many clown workshops, he decided to study professionally at the Ecole de Samovar in Paris – School of Circus, Clown and the Burlesque – directed by Frank Dinet. Later he did a one year intensive post-graduate course in physical theatre with Norman Taylor, assistant to Jacque Lecoq for over 20 years.

He continues to be fascinated with the theatre of movement. Completing his formation at the Ecole Lassaad in Brussels.

He is one of the central pedagogical teachers in physical theatre at the Espaço Evoe – School of Theatre and Dance – in Lisbon Portugal, since 2009. He also teaches modules on physical theatre both at the University of Evora and the University of Minho in Portugal.

Currently he is funded in Portugal, carrying out practice based research in theatre and movement for a doctoral thesis.

Ronan McLoughlin

Ronan McLoughlin will be keeping us all flowing smoothly throughout the weekend.

Ronan's Workshops

TaiChi and QiGong

Flow follow moving meditation.

Gentle yet powerful exercises for health, longevity, and spirituality.

Learning to Learn

We all want to learn many things but sometimes the process can be daunting or frustrating.

In this workshop we will talk about the learning process and some of the obstacles that we find on our way. We will then share with you different learning techniques and theory that will help you to learn anything more efficiently and more enjoyably than ever before!

Free Movement/Dance

Letting go, searching for freedom in movement.

About Ronan

Ronan is a world renowned fire and object manipulation artist from Ireland. Best known for his innovative style of poi spinning, Ronan has been teaching and performing all over the world for over 10 years.

Taking inspiration from other juggling and object manipulation arts, as well as movement and mind/body awareness disciplines such as tai chi alongside illusion based dance he has developed his own unique style of movement and performance.

"I began my journey into movement through poi spinning and other juggling arts. As a very shy young person I never danced out of fear of judgement and suddenly found a way that I could move and dance with an object, but to move without one made me feel naked. As I moved into my mid twenties I began to realise that I was missing out on something important in life and decided I had to start dancing. I approached dance with the learning skills that juggling had thought me and began to dabble in liquid and popping dance styles, leading me on to contemporary dance classes and to train with "Windstyle" movement master Aragorn Boulanger.

At the same time my fascination with body, mind and the whole system that makes up the human experience continued to grow and explorations in yoga and meditation led me to Guatemala where I crossed paths for the first time with my TaiChi master. My experiences with him there, and after a winter of intensive training in India forced me to rethink everything I thought I knew as well as giving me a powerful tool for a healthy body and mind. I continue to visit and train at the TaiChi temple my master has since established in Guatemala"

Angie Kinsella

Angie Kinsella will be inviting us to undo and let go of tension while sharpening up & tuning into our senses and deepening our relationship with & connection to Nature.

Angie's Workshops

  • Deep Yet Kind & Restorative Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga & QiGong - Inner Smiling
  • Sensory & Nature Meditations
  • Wild Food Foraging
  • Practical tricks & tips on boosting health and reducing stress levels, grounding techniques, massage & acupressure.

About Angie

Angie is a practicing yoga Teacher, Forest School leader, holistic therapist & currently spends a lot of time working in the outdoors, particularly woodland settings.She strongly believes that if we learn to connect with Nature & learn to awaken our senses within our natural environments we become more in tune with ourselves and begin to notice the vast inter-connections,the web of life all around us.

Angie also teaches Sustainability, Permaculture, Stress management & Forest School camps in secondary schools. She is also involved in running a varied theme of retreats such as 'Digital Detox' & Forage-Feast-Ferment,

"I've held a keen interest in exploring body movements since a young age. I enjoy exploring this through Yoga, Somatic movement, circus skills, dance & Play. Creating a fusion of practices to encourage the mind and body to be healthy & balanced.

Angie continually encourages participants of her workshops to meet themselves with a sense of kindness, deeply listening. To recognise ones uniqueness and make changes one steady step at a time. Piece by piece.

Whenever possible Angie welcomes workshops groups outside to connect to the elements & soak up the nurture that Nature provides.


  • €125
  • Cost includes -all workshops, camping, light breakfast & hearty organic vegetarian meal per day
  • Contact us to find out ways to get involved


  • Camping
  • Hot shower facilities
  • Compost toilets in camping area
  • Light Breakfast
  • One heart wholesome vegetarian meal in the middle of the day.
  • Accommodation - camping with use of toilet and shower facilities.
  • For info on B&B accommodation contact 'An Sanctoir'


Contact: Ronan : 086 0621471


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